Clean Eating + Fitness + Nutra Organics = Optimum Health

We live what we do. Everyday!

As a team we strive for optimum health. We want to be the best versions of ourselves and so we ensure that we walk the walk not just talk the talk.

Eating: We live mostly a Paleo lifestyle. Let’s just call it clean eating! Plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. We follow the Clean 15 and the dirty dozen (google it) which helps decide which fresh ORGANIC foods we invest in. If you can afford 100% organic – got for it.

We believe in investing the extra money in higher welfare, organic & grass fed meats and real free range eggs. Get to know your butcher! If in doubt – go to your local farmers market and ask around for a farmer that treats his animals like they should be treated.

Fitness: The team all have there own views and goals for fitness – but we are all into it! We believe that moving everyday, whether its yoga, boxing, high intensity cardio, roller derby or tai chi – it’s important for our physical and mental health.

We believe that being active helps in our everyday life – increases our capacity and contributes to our general wellbeing.


Nutra Organics products are formulated to get the best bang for your buck in terms of nutritional content.

Our product range provides you with a convenient and cost-effective way to get the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, alkaline greens and more that your body needs! Plus we have a certified organic range of pantry staples! We truly cater for the whole family with many of our products either specifically for kids, or suitable for everyone 12 months +.


Wholefoods are directly absorbed by our body (Bioavailable), just as nature intended and our bodies do not have to work hard to break them down, therefore the nutrients in our products are not lost in the absorption process.


Superfoods are a major focal point of nutrition and are not only a potent, nutrient rich food they can also help heal the body and allow our bodies access to more nutrition with less eating.

Superfoods are foods that have more than a dozen unique properties, and are an essential part of a balanced diet in today's busy lifestyles. These foods that have been around forever! It is just now that we have the ability to access these amazing foods from all over the world and we have the increased knowledge to study the nutritional components of foods that we are becoming more aware of their importance.

The Nitty Gritty…

So, want to know how we get it all done!

Our Powders:

All our ingredients used for our formulas are either freeze dried or refractance dried.

Freeze dried method is where the produce which has been gently pulped without damaging the cell walls, then placed in holding chambers. Negative 40 degrees air is then pumped into the chamber and the vapour is vacuumed out - this extracts the water content, which leaves the dried produce.

The nutrient content varies from season to season but generally retains around 70% of the nutrients.

The refractance method is where the produce is pulped again then laid onto large pads. Gently moving underneath the pulped produce is water at around 80 degrees, which gently evaporates the water out of the produce - leaving a dried product. The nutrient levels retained are around 65% -80%.

These 2 methods of drying are the BEST WAY to retain a high nutrient content in the produce.

Our Bars:

All our wholefood bars are handmade locally! We source the best ingredients which are mixed in small batches and hand rolled, foiled, boxed and delivered to you ready to eat. We are proud of the range, which we believe provides nutrition (and deliciousness) on the go!


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